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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello Kitty (or Cleo that is)

It has almost been a year since we gotten our kitty. We named her Cleo. The funny story about naming her is that she is a tuxedo cat (black and white) and I thought I was naming her after the cat in Pinocchio, but about a month later my younger son told me that the cat in Pinocchio was named Figaro the goldfish's name was Cleo. Oh well so much for my knowledge of Disney trivia. 

This was made using the Hello Kitty Font cartridge. I plan on doing some journaling  at the bottom of the page also. Our little Cleo is just as cute as this page is!

 The Hello Kitty was easy enough to do but it helps using the booklet to see which elements to use.

Check back tomorrow. I will have another layout with a free cut file to share :) 

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