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Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2

I have officially lost my craft room for a while so I hope I can fulfill my goal of making and sending 52 cards this year.

This is birthday month on our family my mother-in-law is a new year baby, my brother who shares his birthday with Elvis and then my son has a birthday. Since he is away at college I needed to send him a  card. He needs to feel special on his birthday so far from home.
This is the great thing about making some cards when you are a scrapbooker you can use up all of those stickers you have accumulated over the years. These are Mrs. Grossman stickers that I have had for years and they are great for this colorful  card. It is a little pinkesh for a guy but he can handle it.

I have always love Mrs. Grossman Sticker they are so colorful and whimsical they are great for making cards. I read an article about her company once and she lets her employees take their dogs to work. Wouldn't that be great. My husband use to work for a company that make their printing presses I was hoping he would have to go and do some sort of service call on them but alas it never happened.

You can go Here to see some of Mrs. Grossman fabulous stickers.

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