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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Pets Memorial - Willow and Squiggy

One year ago we lost our beloved Sheltie Willow she was 15 years old. You can see by her white muzzle that she has a lot of years on her, then our cat Squiggy suddenly passed away 3 weeks later. It was hard on my youngest son and the house was so empty when we would come home with no pet to greet us. I made a page to memorialize our precious family members. We did get another kitten a few months later we have never been able to replace our Willow. It is hard to replace the perfect dog.
The medallions I made were super easy. I cut a 12 x 2 piece of paper and used a Martha Stewart punch on both of these. The lower is made from the icicle punch. Then using the Martha Stewart Score board I scored every 1/2 inch and turned it over and did the same moving over 1/4 an inch to make the fold marks. According fold the paper and glue the ends to make a circle then I usually punch a 1" circle of card stock to glue the medallion on to. I thought these hearts with the angel wings were perfect to remember our beloved pets with. Willow was the sweet, and loving dog so I used a softer punch. Squiggy was more rowdier and independent  the sharper edges of the punch showed more of her personality. (Yes, she was a she cat, we did not name her she was named by our friend's daughter who gave us the cat.)

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