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Monday, October 4, 2010

BOO! Scary Mailbox

Okay I guess my new obsession is putting vinyl on my mailbox. I was looking at some blogs this weekend and saw some luminaries for Halloween and thought oooooh, I could do my mailbox. So I got up early this morning and decked it out for Halloween, (BTW it is freezing here in STL and about froze my fingers off doing this). I am not a huge Halloween fan and count the days till it passes but I couldn't pass up decorating my mailbox with the vinyl.

I hope this doesn't scare the mailman so much that he won't deliver the mail!

The other side. Scary isn't it. The great thing is I used almost all the cuts because you can use the inside of the eyes too. George and Basic Shapes was great for this I just welded a few circle and ovals together if you really need the file request it but try it yourself it is really easy.If I would of thought about it soon I could of ordered some glow-in-the-dark vinyl. Next year

SYS Thurs<

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  1. This is a great idea! My mailbox is also black.

  2. I love the eyes on the mailbox. I would love to have the cut file if you don't mind sharing it. I will have my 7 year old grandson this week-end and he would have a blast doing this. Thanks, Lois

  3. okay this really made me smile. Great job


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