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Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's in my Bag

I have come across a great blog called Polite, with bite/nice girl notes I love her blog she is witty to say the least and she draws these quirky little stick-figure drawing. Yesterday was "What's in my Bag" day, but I am always a day late and a dollars short I am posting and linking today.
As you can see I like to have multiples of thing (if one is good then two is great) I never really realized it until now as I am looking at this picture.
I have....
***3 notes books
**2 coin purses..and you can see that the coins don't go in the coin purses
***3 pairs of sunglasses. Why 3 pairs you ask? I can not go into Hong's without buy 2 or 3 pairs. Those of you who live in STL know what I am talking about.
**2 Key chains, unlike Dwight from the Office, I don't think the more keys you have on your key chain the more powerful you are.
**2 lotion bottle...okay this is getting ridiculous
Hop on over to see what everyone else has in their bags right now I am going to clean out my purse.

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  1. Come on over to my place and pick up your award. :)

  2. I am always and forever searching for the right purse/bag and the right things to fill it with. I haven't figured it out yet! I try to have a journal, uniball jetstream pen (a must!) some drink mixes so I can order water at a restaurant but have it taste like something better (anything to save money) and other necessities. Of course, I'm forever losing my license, debit card and keys - which is probably the purpose of a purse to begin with.

    The contents of your purse remind me of someone who is very creative, loves a great pair of sunglasses, values their creative thinking (therefore the notebooks) and finds creative ways to express themselves through things like keychains, coin purses and other items that have unique prints. All the color combinations are actually very pretty when you see it all laid out together. I think I'll remember that picture on my next purse-packing adventure. :)

  3. I'm giggling a little bit at your two of everything deal. :) At least your doubles (notebooks, coin purses) are cute!! :D


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