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Monday, October 11, 2010

Personalized Pumpkin

I have done it I have fallen into the Halloween decorating trap. I personally do not like Halloween and count the days until it is over. The scary movies, I hate, the ghost and everything it involves totally creeps me out, but there are so many cutesy thing that go along with Halloween, and it is the biggest decorating holiday next to Christmas. Last year I bought some of those plastic pumpkins and sprayed them gold, I really didn't like them so I sprayed one of the larger pumpkins white and used my trusty Cricut vinyl to put our family name on it, my girlfriend, Alana thought it was cute. She has good taste.
I used the Calligraphy Collection Cartridge and Lyrical Letter for the spider. Who knew Lyrical Letter would have a scary spider on it. I welded it all together but I forgot that I don't like doing that. It is much easier to place the vinyl on the project one letter at a time if you don't use the transfer tape. Which I don't because I am cheap. (There I said it, most people who know me already knew it)
Here is the grouping I did with the other pumpkin I sprayed last year.  Now that I look at the photo I probably should of placed it down more on the pumpkin but because it was one piece where it feel is where it stuck, (another reason not to weld) I hope this inspires you to create you own personalized pumpkin. (Thank goodness the table isn't dusty)

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