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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Each One Teach One......Scrapbooking that is.

I had a request from our ministers wife if I would spend some time with her daughter and do some scrapbooking with her...of course I jumped at the chance. Morgan had a few pictures and an album and her mother said she loved to do craft project so I was thrilled to be able to have her come over and share some scrapbooking time with me, as her mom and I talked Friday night, she asked how long she should have Morgan come over for I told her from 11 a.m. and pick her around 3 p.m. Leigh Ann thought that was way too long and maybe Morgan would want to do it for only a couple of hours. I agreed and said we would wing it and when she got tired of doing it I would call her and she could pick her up.

I was so excited Saturday morning I had everything prepared for her when she arrived. I had everthing a scapbooker needs to work hard on her album, glue, scissors, paper, chocolate! We arranged her pictures in the order she wanted them placed in her album and got to work.
Here was her first page. I guided her on the first page but the placement was all her.
This page was all Morgan she did a fabulous job with the design and picking the color for the paper. She told me what design she wanted and I designed it for on the cricut and cut it out for her.
If you would like Morgan Peace Signyou may email me and, Morgan gave me permission to share it with her fellow scrapbooker. It is made from the George Cartridge and is 8" in diameter.This was her favorite page that she did. 

Here we are taking a cookie break.
After 5 hours and 10 Pages I finally told her I was tired (I think she would of gone longer but it was getting to be supper time) We had such fun together and we plan to meet once a month so she can keep up with her pictures. I was honored to help Morgan and proud of the hard work she put into her album. I hope that Morgan and I can show you many more pages that she will be doing in the future.


  1. Wow! She did a great job! You are so lucky to have a Daughter to scrap with you!

    MelissaAllore on the Cricut Board

  2. I didn't finish my though! Too early in the morning! lol

    I was going to say....I need one to borrow too! Neither of my boys have interest....only for school projects! :-)

  3. Carrie- just saw this tonight. Can't wait to show Morgan in the a.m..... She will be so excited! LAB


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