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Monday, February 8, 2010

Udaman Valentine

I become a bear during the winter and hibernate in my home. It really takes alot for me to leave the house. Since I have been home I have really been surfing the internet for new ideas and found this great blog of Jeanne Winters called Inspiring Ideas. She created this chocolate wrapper called UDAMAN, I thought this was so hilarious and immediately downloaded the wrapper to make one for all of DAMEN in my life. I am sending one off to the college boy today along with a zombie movie (that is how much I love him).

The small group that my husband and I belong to at our church is doing a video series on love and respect. Women need love and Men need respect. The speaker said that there were never any valentine cards that women could give to their husband that said that we respect them so, one of my friends had  "Respect" valentine cards made for all the ladies to give to their husband so in turn I made an extra choclate bar to give to Susan to give to her husband.
Just click on the title to visit Jeanne's blog.......PLEASE leave her a thank you if you download her wrapper.


  1. Love your post! Thanks for sharing my Udaman wrapper idea!

  2. That is hysterical!! Love those Udaman wrappers!!! Thanks for sharing the idea.

    P.S. I am a winter time hermit too (even here is SC).

    xx Susan

  3. This post has blessed others already. What a wonderful and poignt thought of truly understanding anothers love language.

    Thanks for posting another way to connect with our partners, especially with humor!

    Thanks Newfy Mom, Cricut MB


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