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Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding Guest Book

A very dear friend is getting today and I wanted to make something special for her she is 37 and has found true love after all these years. She is having a very small family-only wedding with a reception in April, after they return from their honeymoon cruise. There will be lots of well wishers at the reception so I thought a personalized guest book with their wedding pictures in it would be great, so then people could see the wedding pictures and write some sentiments to them.
I took lots of pictures of the book so here goes....................................
This is the front of the book I used silver contact paper and Storybook for the lettering.
This is the first page
Second Page
Third Page
Fourth page the border is from Storybook it is my favorite flourish
I embossed each one
Fifth Page I used my Martha Stewart punch in the corner
Sixth page I loved the purple flower I found
I used tule under the flower for an extra fluff
Seventh Page
Sometime it is the little touches that make it special like this ribbon.
close up of the ribbon
Eighth Page I used the tule again in the corner
This is the last page!
So here is a close up of the squares that were punched out with a Creative Memories Punch
Okay this is the very last page.
This album is THICK with embellisments.
Hope is enspires you to create something similiar you will defintely get Oooooo's and Ahhh's at the shower.


  1. Carrie this is amazing!!! They must have LOVED this. What a wonderful project - so pretty!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

    xx Susan

  2. Beautiful!

    MelissaAllore on the Cricut Board

  3. Every page of this book is so pretty! Love it!

    Keisha (luvit)

  4. That is incredibly beautiful!! I would have flipped over a gift like that. You are so very talented. I really enjoy seeing all your creations :)


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