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Monday, April 6, 2009

Mother & Child card

There was a request for a mother and child cut file. The first thing I thought of was the mother and child necklaces that were so popular a few years back. Here is the card I made with the cut file.
I used a little Martha Stewart glitter and made a "Dolly Parton Heart"
I do not have the talent to come up with wonderful sentiments for cards but Linda Latourelle has a great book call "The Ultimate guide to the perfect Card" she covers all subjects for cards from the beginning to the end. Sometimes making the card is the easy part, but thanks to Linda she comes up with the perfect prose for the inside.


  1. This card is absolutely beautiful! I really wanted one of those necklaces back then! Great job!

  2. OMG what a beautiful card i love that cut.
    and i love the saying, i have the book too its wonderful!

  3. wow beautiful card, Don't know if you want and can share that file. If you can and wil, I would love to receive it.
    Thanks so mutch for sharing.

    Hug Linda

  4. You have done a beautiful job creating this cut. It's absolutely lovely.


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