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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dolly Parton Hearts

I wanted to share with you a secret as to how to make a perfectly sharped heart. I have taken quite a few painting classes and my teacher showed me how to make what she called a "Dolly Parton Heart" It is easy once you see the process.

Okay, so you can see by my drawing that to make the perfect heart you need three shapes, 2 circles and a "V". I made this with paint and a paint brush but, you can make this heart just as easily with glue, a pen, or marker, once you know the basics you can always make the perfect heart.

I am using the end of a foam brush and I have dipped the end into the cap of the paint cap. Depending on what size heart you want you will need to choose the right size of paint brush, but hey you don't need a paint brush you can use the eraser end of a pencil. Basically what you need is something flat and round.

Press your paint onto your surface you will end up with a circle. If you are using something fluid such as paint or glue you will need to repeat the dip again so that you will have the same size for the second circle. Now can you see why my teacher called it a "Dolly Parton Heart"?

With my paint brush I do not need any more paint all I am doing is dragging the paint to make a "V" and connecting to two hearts. There you go the perfect heart. This is just as easy with glue or marker or pens just use the same principles.

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