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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Light the Way

Someone on the Cricut MB was wanting a lighthouse it was easy to make just triangles and squares and a few rectangles and tada a lighthouse. I am not able to cut it out because I do not have the expression (hint, hint to the hubby) so cut it out and let me know.
If you want to have the file you will need to send me your email address, I am getting frustrated with the amount of downloads and nobody giving me any feed back or even saying thank you for taking the time to share, I thought at first I would be okay with just freely sharing but having absolutely no feed back is really frustrating. Sorry for those who enjoyed the free rein but the party is now over.


  1. hi i just went to your blog for the first time, i think you did a very good job on th elighthoude, I would love to receive the cutfile. Thanks so mutch for sharing and designing.

    Take care Linda from Holland

  2. thanks for the link, i downloaded the file, hope to connect my cricut to my pc soon and cut a couple of nice things.

    Have a nice day.
    Hug Linda

  3. Hey Carrie, Nice Blog. I like the lighthouse! The owl is pretty cute also. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Barb R.

  4. Carrie - very nice job! Now, if I only had a reason for a lighthouse cut..... Truly nice job though.


  5. I really like this lighthouse. I have a friend who collects lighthouses. I would love to have the cut file so eventually I can make something for her. Take care and thank you for sharing.


  6. Your lighthouse is lovely! I can just see it in a scrapbook layout from a trip to New England.

    May I have your cut file, please?


  7. Hi, I'm new to this cricut stuff. I borrowed one from my friend to try it out. I'm in love! right now we are working on an invitation for my daughters youth class in church and was searching for a lighthouse. i came across yours. I'm not sure how to do it yet but will mess with it. Could you send me the file you are talking about to see if it makes it easier for me.



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