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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"My friend Maggi" at the Inkspot

You have to see this!  "My friend Maggi" is teaching a class at the INKSPOT the end of May.
 the idea is you will be using cut pieces of wood and decorating them as the basis for an interchangeable decorative piece for your mantle, table, window sill etc! the blocks will have a clothespin attached, so you can change the theme throughout the year! How adorable is this and you can leave it up all year decorate for each season. 
Oh the possibilities. It looks like she used Storybook for the lettering!
The cost for the class is $35.00 but I just bet you if you don't live in the STL area you could contact the Inkspot and they would mail you the kit! "My friend Maggi" is so creative and she is fun too! I know you would have a blast at her class. 

I have been crafting away but I  can't share what I have been doing because it will spoil the surprise for some people I know so until then................

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