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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Favorite

This is a picture of my youngest son. We have a family joke between my oldest son and myself. He always accuses me of picking our younger son as my favorite and I always agree with him. I tell him why not he is sweet, he gives me lots of hugs and he tells me I am the best mom is the whole world. Why wouldn't he be my favorite. When I saw this picture that I took of him in the car on the way to central IL, we were sitting in the back seat together and he had just woke up. I think that some picture are just better in black and white. You don't get caught up in all the colors and the essence of the picture comes out.

The frame I created in Design Studio. Sometimes when you design thing the cut comes out way different than what you think. I didn't realize when I designed this that it would come out in two pieces (the inside frame is  seperate from the outside frame) I probably need to rework it but at the time I was in a the scrapping mode. I used the Opposite Attracts cartridge for the letters and just used a black pen to out line the letters. I used rub ons for his name on the picture itself. The paper is from Basic Grey's Urban Prairie collection. Look at the cute little bee in the corner :)

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  1. WOW, Carrie, this is amazing. I love how you made this frame. It looks fabulous on the Urban Prairie paper. I really like the favorite child story too. At our house we joking call it "most favored child status", usually when one of them does something awesome, or when the others are being jerks. This was a take off of China's Most Favored Nation of Trade some years ago.

    Hope you new year is going well!!

    xx Susan


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