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Monday, April 13, 2009


I love to go to garage sale, although I admit that I do not go to them as often as I used to, for one thing my house if full and here in the STL garage sales occur mostly on Wednesday and since that is one of the days I work I miss out on a lot of good stuff. When ever I am home visiting my parents I always go out with the Garage Sale Queen my mother. Why am I tell you this well at one garage sales I came across about 10 scrap booking kits for a $1 each from the Scrapping Bee, which was a local scrapbook store. This page is a result of my garaging. My oldest son took this great pic of my husband and I in our back yard. I love the color of the paper and the simplity of it. I used rub ons for the title.

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  1. Hi Carrie,

    I LOVE the photo of you and your husband.... Just so warm looking. I also really like the colors and simplicity of the layout. It is perfect for this photograph... Which should be the focus.

    xx Susan


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