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Monday, December 29, 2008

My dad is a wonderful painter and every year he has many request to paint Christmas ornaments this year was one of the ornaments he painted. He usually paints on clear glass bulbs but I really like this gold ornament. At my parents church the ladies have a ornament exchange and his ornament is the one the ladies always fight over they call it the "Marlow". I believe strategies are made every year to see how they can win the coveted "Marlow". Hey, but wait I didn't even get one this year.

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  1. I have witnessed the aggressive (all-in-fun) strategies to get the almighty Marlow ornament. And rightfully so! They are always so beautiful! Every year I try to think of a way to make it more difficult to strategize, but so far, no luck. I know everyone waits for your Mom to walk in so they can check out what the bag looks like and go for it. One year, she had someone else carry it in (brilliant) and she carried theirs to confuse everyone (it worked) I am sad to say I don't own a Marlow, but maybe this year will be the year for my luck to change ;)


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