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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Card and A Special Valentine Dinner

I have been keeping up with sending my cards every week. In fact I think I am ahead of schedule. This is the card that I sent to my son at college it is a little edgy for valentine but I thought he would like it.
The heart is from Rock Princess. I do love this cartridge it has a lot of very cool stuff and stay tuned because I made some really really neat cards using the Rock Princess cartridge

I was very busy today cooking, ALL DAY. I have wanted to make Julia Child's Beef Bourgnignon ever since I watch the movie Julie, Julia.  Today, being Valentine Day, made it the perfect day to make such a labor intensive dish. When I say labor intensive I am not joking. 

I started cooking at 10 am and the dish was finished by 4pm but I still had to cook the noodles and make the salad, set the table etc.

This is the finished product it smelled wonderful.

It tasted just as good as it looks

Here is our little family table if you look at the picture on the wall you can just see the bottom of the Eiffel tower in the picture. We could even pretend we were in Paris.

Happy Valentine Day everyone.
Please stay tuned for more things from the Rock Princess cartridge you won't be disappointed.

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