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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trash to A Real Treasure

The true artist in the family is my mom, she has a real knack for finding "junk" and turning it into a beautiful piece of art. She has been painting for years now. Judy (my mom) has always gone to garage sales, but she had an idea to take some of her finds and painting flowers on them. We have a joke in the family the she will paint a flower on anything that doesn't move. Good thing the grand kids can't sit still long enough. This chair is just one example of what she is capable of creating. I am sure she probably paid less than $5 for this chair it probably more like a $1 (She is the ultimate bargain hunter)
Wouldn't this look great in a sun room or a patio.
You can see many of her creations for sale at Country Lace Craft Mall in Auburn Illinois just off Hwy 55

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