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Monday, August 24, 2009


Hello all :} I have been AWOL all summer, but with good reason. I have had a busy summer just like all of you. I really don't do much scrapbooking in the summer time, because I don't have a designated space to scrapbook most of the summer I have a lot of kids in the house and they trash it enough without me adding to the mess. My oldest son left for college last week his room is cleaned out and up and I have moved my "stuff" in and took over. The project for school was a poster for my youngest son.'s reading class. He was to make a poster of himself with all kinds of information about him on it.
I have been hunting and gathering scrapbooking supplies though. I always peruse the clearance at Michaels and found this great paper on sale. It is call TEEN ANGST.
The best part was when I was checking out it rang up for $5.99. Cha-Ching! Now mind you I do not need ANY paper but I do admit to having an addiction to paper but I have not hit rock bottom yet and i can handle it.... etc :} The reason I say this is because I have a friend who was cleaning out her craft room and gave me probably 50 pounds of scrapbooking paper. Now I am not keeping all of it just some of it. I will for sure share it my scrapping buddies.

Okay now onto the project.This is paper that he picked out for his name which was to be the title. Great isn't it! He picked a red poster board to spice it up we sprayed some bleach on it.
Doesn't this paper look great using the Storybook Cricut Cartridge

Can you see in the (blurry sorry) picture how the poster board turned yellow from the bleach. Will thought is was very cool watching the paper turn color.
It turned out fantastic. He was so proud of his work and the best part was we got to work together Okay summer is really over and school is in session and I am back in the groove again. I just hope my oldest doesn't move back home too soon and reclaim his room.
Just a side note. My oldest really loved the book I made for his graduation party because I was looking for it and found it in his room in a drawer. FYI

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