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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well I am packing up my scrap booking supplies and heading to a semi-annual scrap booking weekend. It all started out innocently enough with just a weekend away scrap booking with my friends then overnight turned into two nights then well two night were not enough you really just get started so it turned into 3 nights well now 5+ years later we head to our secret location on Wednesday and come back home on Sunday. This year we have to leave by 1 pm on Sunday because they will be using the facility for a Super Bowl Party. It is great to get away we share the cooking duties and all of our scrap booking resources, plus they have a big screen TV there and we watch tons of chick flicks (Let the crying begin) It is really hard to scrapbook when someone is dying of leukemia and you are crying like there is no tomorrow. This time only 6 of us are going so we will have a little more room to spread out. Luckily my husband is in town for the week so I didn't need beg my girlfriend to come stay with the boys. It is snowing here so I can't pack everything in the car tonight. I have some goals to accomplish this week.
1. Finish my book of Paris (I was about 4 pages short last time we went)
2. Finish our trip to Washington DC
3. Catch up on my oldest son school book (He will graduate this year and I want it caught up for his party)
That should keep my busy.
Ta - ta for now

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