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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am really behind in my scrapbooking (aren't we all). My scrapping friends and I have decided that it isn't about keeping up it is about using scrapbooking as our creative outlet. So if you can see by the picture this was taken in 2007 at the Grand Canyon. I wanted to start my album with a picture that was as grand as the Grand Canyon. This is how I made it I order 2 8x10 pictures one as the back ground and one to use for the letters. A long time ago I bought the Coluzzle this was in the days before the Cricut, but it worked perfectly for this because I need to make the pictures match and there is no way the Cricut could do that. I used pop dot to raise the letters and placed them behind black paper and tada a great page. it wasn't that easy the thing to remember is to measure twice because you can only cut once.

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